Corporate clients

Employee matters

Companies and entrepreneurs often need legal help in employee related matters. Thus, as a part of our service offering for companies and entrepreneurs we offer employment related legal advice. For many employee-dependent business sectors employees consist a significant share of the costs of doing business, and as such, it is not irrelevant that all employment law is followed as an employer.

Sometimes a current or former employee files a lawsuit against your company. In such a situation, it is best to seek legal help. Often an expensive and lengthy court trial is resolvable through a settlement. If a settlement can’t be agreed on, we’ll support the best of your company strictly but fairly.

We draft employment agreements and advice in all employee-related matters, such as hiring, firing, incentive schemes and others. We also organize mandatory co-operation negations for small and medium-sized companies. We also help your company in fulfilling various statutory employee regulations.

Our services:

  • Employment disputes and trials
  • Settlement negotations
  • Hiring employees
  • Employment, executive, and managing director contracts
  • Firing employees
  • Statutory co-operation negotations
  • Consultation related to employment law
  • Other employment advice required by your company