Private clients


Our pricing is either through hourly rates or fixed fees on a case by case basis. A fixed fee is available to some matters and an hourly rate can always be used. As an agile law office, we strive to keep our hourly rates reasonable and see-through.

It is often possible to get your lawyer covered by a legal expenses insurance or a liability insurance. Such an insurance is often included in your homeowner’s insurance or a car insurance, various liability insurances or certain insurances provided by trade unions or corporate insurances. A legal expenses insurance covers according to its terms primarily civil claims and victims’ compensation claims in criminal cases. We will research on your behalf the possibility to have your lawyer fees covered by a legal expense insurance or a liability insurance. A legal expense insurance does not typically cover your adversary’s costs. The coverage of a liability insurance is on a case-by-case basis.

A private individual can also get state-funded legal aid for several court matters with certain conditions, which may sometimes be complicated. The most determining factors are the nature of the case and the net income of the client and his/her spouse and number of dependent children. We will review your availability for legal aid on your behalf.

Review our general terms applicable to all of our assignments here.

Prices for private individuals from 1 January 2018

Below are some examples of pricing. A more detailed price list with minimum pricing is presented at our office premises. Feel free to ask for alternative pricing!

  • General price for private clients (if other price is not agreed), 248 €/h (including VAT 24 %)
  • Trials, travel time and waiting time 248 €/h (including VAT 24 %)
  • Documents:
  • Simple estate inventory deed starting from 450 € (including VAT 24 %).
  • A more complex estate inventory deed starting from 700 € (including VAT 24 %).
  • Wills starting from 200 € (including VAT 24 %).
  • Prenuptials starting from 124 € (including VAT 24 %).
  • Either a partition deed or inheritance execution deed starting from 500 € (including VAT 24 %).
  • A combined partition deed and inheritance execution deed starting from 700 € (including VAT 24 %).
  • A deed of sale or donation starting from 300 € (including VAT 24 %).
  • Costs are invoiced separately per our price list.

Actions taken are invoiced according to the price list applicable from time to time. We reserve the right to make changes to the price list.

Our prices for corporate clients you find here.